Welcome to Demons & Wizards, a mod for the fantasy turn based strategy game Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes. The mod introduces several new mechanics to the game, most significantly enhanced summoning and religion. In addition there are new races and factions, spellbooks, monsters and lots more.

Key Features

  • 4 new spellbooks (Nature, Shadow, Battle, Beast)
  • Enhanced summoning mechanics with over 80 different creature to summon
  • Religion mechanics including "Faith" resource, disciple units and divine spells
  • 3 new paths (Summoner, Priest and Ranger) and an overhauled Mage class
  • 15 new factions/races with unique blood types
  • 40 new champions

Download & Installation

Download the latest version at the Demons & Wizards site on NexusMods.

Installations instructions can be found on the Help page.


Heavenfall – For the BG Unitstats library, a few bits from Children of Storm, some ideas borrowed from the Goetia Mod, the Cacus Giant, lots of invaluable advice and assistance regarding modding FE/LH. Go checkout Children of Storm if you haven't already (http://childrenofstorm.wikidot.com/).

Davrovana - Faction, Sovereign, Champion backstories.
Nightmurderer03 - Lots of ideas, unit designs, beta testing and feedback.

ManiiNames, NaytchSG – beta testing the early versions.
jeffqyzt2 – Champion backstories.
parrottmath – Maul debuff mod and his outstanding contribution to FE/LH modding.
DsRaider - Some faction traits, some bits from AIPlus, inspiration from his various great mods.
Primal_Savage - For the ClotheLootFix and lots of help with LH modding along the way.
OliverFA_306, GfireflyE, Murteas, Brainjuggler, Naidrev, LordTheRon (and lots of others) - for providing ideas, feedback and discussion which is invaluable when working on this stuff.
fsemprini – For the Summoner Path selection graphic.
brich1212 - for the original Ranger path mod.

Stardock - for an awesome game

Mod & DLC Compatibility

This mod makes some rather significant additions and changes to the core game, and so is unlikely to be completely compatible with all mods. In particular mods that make changes to spells and or add new factions are not likely to be fully compatible.

Demons and Wizards should be (mostly) compatible with the excellent Children of Storm mod by Heavenfall. If you find any issues with Children of Storm compatibility let me know and I will endeavor to resolve it.

There should be no compatibility problems running this mod with any of the DLC.

Note this mod already includes parrotmath's Maul debuff mod, a customised version of DsRaiders AIPlus and Primal Savage's ClotheLootFix.

Copyright and Licenses

I don't mind you re-using icons, other graphics or whatever from this mod that I have created, however it's just nice manners to ask. Note that some content comes from other sources (such as Children of Storm) so best to check in any case, thanks.

Some content is licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0 (creative commons attribution share-alike 3.0):

Skewer Wasp: all files in /kitinvolant/ folder. Made for Ryzom MMO http://www.ryzom.com/en/
Shadow Weaver: all files in /gibbai/ folder. Made for Ryzom MMO http://www.ryzom.com/en/