Allegiance: Empire
Capital: Asturgoth
Bloodline: Asrillorgue
  • +25% Divine & Infernal Resistance
  • +10% Experience
  • Unholy Vow- A dark prayer that grants a random effect to the caster
Unique Items: Sickle

Asrillorgue was an affluent and scholarly nation. But then came Rastmore, with whispers of the Drednii, and he built a cult of feverish loyalty. Now Rastmore leads through his dark arts. And the Drednii demons he speaks for, they hunger for far more than just Asrillorgue…

Faction Traits

Flesh Bound Tome
  • Unlocks the Cull the Weak, Death Lash and Candlecloak spells.
  • Unlocks the Scar Stone.
  • Unlocks the Summoning Gate improvement which grants +1 Summon Pool per Essence.
Death Worship
  • Gives this faction access to the Infection, Corruption, Graveseal and Dirge of Ceresa spells.
Children of Kir-Tion
  • +1 Bonus level for all Demon summons.
  • Unlocks spells to summon Fiend, Scourge, Fury, Hellhound and Brimstone Demons.
  • Cleric line of improvements provide a Martyr unit.
  • Unlocks the Ritualist unit (replaces the Disciple).
  • -5% to Research.
  • -5% to Growth.


Rastmore the Infernal
Profession: Summoner
  • +2 level for Summons
  • +3 Summon Pool
  • Death 1 & 2
  • Fire 1
Equipment: War Staff

Rarely does Rastmore engage in diplomacy. Some diplomats and merchants tell stories of his chaotic temperment. One insists he is in fact more than one mind, battling for dominance at all times, making deals one minute then cancelling them in the next. But he is no mere madman, for despite his ravings and fickle decisions he commands great power and wisdom, and his Drednii cults bring forth demons to serve in his armies.


  • +2 Mana per Season