Allegiance: Kingdom
Capital: Lucethion
Bloodline: Aygethos
  • +1 Accuracy per Level
  • -2% Unrest in the city this unit is in
  • Countermove- Caster goes into defensive mode and if attacked before their next turn, may act immediately
Unique Items: Javelins

The people of Aygethos value labor, loyalty and discipline - but most, the sword and spear. They see that sorcerers again have brought war to Elemental, proof again that magic is not to be trusted. In battle, the spear men of Aygethos will prove their superiority over the arcane.

Faction Traits

  • This faction starts with the Civics technology, which allows them to construct Inns and Bell Towers.
  • Unlocks the Civic Center improvement which increases construction efficiency and reduces Unrest. A Civic Center can only be build in Towns.
  • Units defending cities get +10% per city level to Accuracy and Defense.
  • Unlocks the Bronze Shield and one handed spears.
Wondrous Monuments
  • Monuments, Guardian Statue and Guardian Idol improvements provide spell resistance for defending units, and a fame increase.
  • Faction starts with the Training technology, allowing them to construct Barracks.
  • 50% reduction in construction costs for the Training Yard line of improvements.
Ancestral Host
  • Unlocks Shrines and Temples to the Old Gods - Arvos, Hadollon and Lialdir, that provide unique bonuses to the city in which they are constructed.
  • Blocks access to the spells Holy War, Luminous Perception (Kingdom), Baleful Surge (Empire), Sanguine Wish (Empire), Malevolent Endeavor (Empire).
  • This faction cannot train Disciple units.
Mistrusts Magic
  • -20% Mana production.


High King Thorus
Profession: General
  • +25% to the Army's Experience
  • Life 1
Equipment: Spear, Gauntlets of Grazna

Thorus was mighty even as a young man, winning most wrestling matches against the other warrior hopefuls. His mother then sent him alone into the wild, to prove himself, and now all tell the tales of the massive wolf he slew alone. Despite his budding ability as a channeler, Thorus values might and battle tactics highest. No wizard earns the respect he has for men well-formed into an unstoppable phalanx.


  • +3 Attack
  • +1 to the Army's Initiative
  • +1 Accuracy and Spell Resistance per Level