Allegiance: Kingdom
Capital: Cormenlon
Bloodline: Cormenlon
  • +1 Initiative and Moves in combat when stationed in a city
  • +5% Experience
  • Entrench- Units in entrenched tiles get +10 to Dodge, +10 Dodge vs Ranged and immunity to Swarm
Unique Items: One Handed Crossbows & Pavis Shield

The people of Cormenlon fancy themselves as more cultured than most, for Cormenlon is a wealthy nation, with some of the largest and advanced cities in Elemental. Diplomacy and accounting are widely considered more useful skills than swordsmanship. Yet the might of arms will be needed to keep Fallen and men alike at bay, now that war again brews in Elemental…

Faction Traits

Master Traders
  • This faction receives a 50% reduction in labour cost for the Market and Merchant improvements.
  • Double value when selling in shops.
  • Unlocks Acquire Metal, a spell which converts 100 Gildar into 10 Metal.
  • Unlocks Acquire Crystal, a spell which converts 100 Gildar into 10 Crystal.
  • Units defending cities get +10% per city level to Defense due to strengthened city defenses.
  • Unlocks the Light Catapult (requires Longbows technology) and the Destroyer Catapult (requires Siege Weapons technology).
  • Unlocks the Light Crossbow - a basic crossbow that does not require metal to produce, and Masterwork Crossbows that are more accurate and fire faster than standard crossbows.
Fortified Towns
  • Faction can build Fort (Kingdom), Castle (Empire), Training Yard, Barracks, Forge and Catapult Tower improvements in Towns
Pole Arms
  • Unlocks the Polearms line of weapons that can both Impale and Cleave the enemy: the War Scythe, Voulge, Halberd and Burning Halberd.
Light Plate
  • This faction crafts Light Plate Mail instead of Chainmail with the Armor technology. Light Plate has better defense but is heavier than Chainmail.
Vulnerable To Magic
  • All units get -20% to Spell Resistance.


Lord Carzemir
Profession: Noble
  • -10 Unrest in all cities
  • Earth 1
  • Battle 1
Equipment: Rusty Short Sword

A proud, gregarious man, with keen charm and a frugal eye for making a profit. Alas for his enemies, he knows the mighty financial returns that war can bring. Carzemir seeks to build a strong, wealthy society that can afford massive legions, and when he does this he will not hesitate to spread his vision of the world to every corner of Elemental.


  • +400 Starting Gildar
  • Double value when selling in shops
  • Grants the ability to escape (with remaining allies) from battle