Allegiance: Kingdom
Capital: Dormere
Bloodline: Dremorian
  • +2 Attack vs Twisted
  • 10% chance to Maul when attacking
  • +1 Hit Point per Level
  • -1 Initiative
  • Cannot wear helms
  • Mighty Blow- An attack that causes the target to become disoriented for 1 turn (50% chance to swing at a random unit in melee)
Unique Items:
  • Spade Crescent Staff
  • Tygal Mount
  • Tygal Stable

Few races know the cost of war like the Dremorian people. One hundred years of war with the trolls has decimated their once great nation. The Dremorian affinity with earth and forest and beast made the Cataclysm's destruction almost too much for them to bear. Now, their spears are kept sharp and scouts alert, for their history tells them the endurance of peace is but leaves in the wind.

Faction Traits

Warrior Caste
  • +1 Level for Trained Units
Heavy Hitters
  • Unlocks the Heavy Staff, Pole Axe, Bastard Sword and Greatsword.
Vigilant Watch
  • Unlocks the Vigilant Watchtower improvement which provides +1 zone of control and increases initiative of defending units on the first turn of combat.
  • Unlocks the Vigilant Watch outpost upgrade (replaces the High Tower) which provides +1 zone of control and an additional +1 Sight Range around the outpost, and increases initiative on the first turn of combat to friendly units in Zone of Control.
  • Unlocks the Enmity vs Twisted and Prepared unit design traits.
Unending Cycle
  • Unlocks Totems, special improvements that reduce Unrest, generate Faith, and provide unique bonuses to the city they are in (replace the Cleric line of improvements).
  • Unlocks Canticle of the Sun and Moon, a spell that reduces Unrest in all your cities, and increases Initiative of all faction units.
  • Blocks access to the spells Holy War, Luminous Perception (Kingdom), Baleful Surge (Empire), Sanguine Wish (Empire), Malevolent Endeavor (Empire).
  • Unlocks the Shepherd unit (replaces Disciple).


Profession: Hunter
  • +50% Attack vs Beasts
  • Earth 1
  • Nature 1
Equipment: Spear

Dagond is a mighty warrior, and a keen woodsman. He is ever concerned with the movements of beasts, men, and Fallen upon his borders, and his outposts keep a vigilant watch. It is said that he once killed an Ogre alone, without a weapon. Those who seek to meet him in combat would do well to bring overwhelming might against him.


  • +3 Attack
  • +1 Accuracy and Spell Resistance per Level