Allegiance: Empire
Capital: Gaush
Bloodline: Asrillorgue
  • +1 Accuracy per Level
  • +1 Dodge per Level
  • Double Strike- Strike twice at -20 to Accuracy
Unique Items: Spiked Round Shield

The Gaush barbarian tribes started as little more than raiding savages, attacking caravans and pillaging towns to survive. Constant warring amongst themselves has filtered out the weak, and focused their culture on warfare. Now the Gaush are united, and will subsist upon the greater cities of Elemental.

Faction Traits

  • Unlocks Throwing Axes and one handed axes.
  • Unlocks the War Hall Improvement.
Standing Army
  • 50% Reduction in training time for units.
  • 25% Reduction in training time for weapons and armor.
Warrior Caste
  • +1 Level for Trained Units.
  • Faction starts with the Training technology, allowing them to construct Barracks.
  • 50% reduction in construction costs for the Training Yard line of improvements.
  • -5% to Research.
  • +5% to Unrest.


Urner, Lord of the Gaush
Profession: Bandit Lord
  • Starts with two Bandit units
  • Unlocks the Recruit Bandit spell
  • Battle 1
Equipment: Axe

Even Urner can no longer count how many villages he has raided, men he has cleaved, women he has taken, children enslaved. With an axe in hand, few mortals can withstand his attacks. He has eaten Trog hearts, and developed a taste for them. Most dangerous of all, however, are the Gaush barbarians united under him. Urner is now learning tactics, and infantry deployment. With Urner at the head of Gaushon legions, Men and Fallen nations alike have reason to fear.


  • +3 Attack
  • +1 Hit Point per Level
  • Immune to poison
  • +10 Critical Hit chance vs Damaged Opponents
  • +5 Accuracy
  • +1 Counterattack with any melee weapon