Allegiance: Empire
Capital: Nargundem
Bloodline: Gorgal
  • +1 Attack
  • +3 Hit Points
  • War Cry- All allied units receive a +1 Attack bonus for 5 turns (stackable)
Unique Items: Cleaver

Often mistaken for their Fallen kin the Trogs, the warriors of Gorgal adopt a more strategic view of the world. They know that there can be a time for planning, and a use for allies. The Gorgal have forged pacts with many of the twisted creatures of Elemental, and this strength of numbers may bring them control of the world.

Faction Traits

Ogre Alliance
  • This faction can build Young Ogre Pits, Ogre Pits and Bone Ogre Pits in their cities which automatically produce free Young Ogre, Ogre or Bone Ogre units.
  • Ogre Camp's (built on Ogre Lairs) do not require the Wildland Allies tech and do not cost gildar to build. Bone Ogre Camps do not require gildar to build.
Darkling Alliance
  • This faction can train various Darkling units. Darkling units do not require wages.
  • Can recruit Darkling Shaman (Mage henchmen) once Cooperation is researched.
Firestone Fortress
  • Unlocks the Firestone Forge, Firestone Tower and Firestone Castle improvements.
  • Faction starts with +1 army size.
  • -10% to Research.


Kuthgarg Gaalskuul
Profession: Armorer
  • All units get +25% to Defense
  • Earth 1
  • Death 1
Equipment: Warhammer

No smith has ever walked Elemental that could show greater skill. Gaalskuul has made legendary swords from scraps of stone, and impenetrable shields from sand and dying tree limbs. He does this by virtue of the firestone forge, a strange magical forge of his invention. However it came to be, forges of his design are the nexus of his growing military empire. Legions of Fallen, Ogres, and darklings will soon send forth from his lands, equipped with the fruit of his forges.


  • +3 Attack
  • +1 Hit Point per Level
  • Immune to poison