Allegiance: Kingdom
Capital: Nalrithliya
Bloodline: Nothari
  • +50% Cold Resistance
  • +5 Dodge
  • +1 Initiative
  • -1 Hit Point per Level
  • Arcfrost- Inflicts 2 (+1 per level) Cold damage to a random enemy unit - damage is multiplied by the amount of units casting
Unique Items: Mirror Shield

The Nothari lost their treasured iceland homeland to the cataclysm. As nomads they have managed to survive - but it is the lack of assistance from the other nations that the Nothari remember the most. Now under Myrthani they are tending a beautiful new homeland. Relations with other Kingdoms may prove more difficult to grow

Faction Traits

Water Adepts
  • This faction gains an additional +1 Mana, and Mirror Elementals from Water Shard shrines.
  • +1 Bonus level for all Water magic summons.
  • Unlocks Tome of the Waves which allow the reader to learn Water magic.
  • Unlocks Frostbound weapons (Axe, Battle Axe, Spear, Mace, Dagger, Longsword) that cause cold damage and slow the target when struck.
  • Unlocks the City of Snow and Ice improvement, which improves a city's defenses by providing defending units, gives an Initiative bonus to all City Defenders, and spawns a Mirror Elemental (requires Sorcery Tech).
  • Unlocks Lands of Ice, a spell which transforms land into arctic terrain.
  • Units move at double normal rate over Arctic terrain.
  • This faction can build Snow Giant Camp improvements on Snow Giant Lair resources allowing them to recruit Snow Giants.
  • This faction cannot build Hedge Walls, Stone Walls, Fort or Castle improvement.
Crystal Affinity
  • The faction gets a +50% crystal production bonus.
  • Crystal Quarry, Mine and Trove produce mana and provide an Ophidian.
  • Unlocks Crystallization, a spell which converts a shard in your empire into a crystal crag.
United People
  • Bell Tower improvement grants +1 City Defender Group. Town Hall improvement grants +2 City Defender Groups. Palace improvement grants +3 City Defender Groups.
  • Units defending cities get +20% to Attack and +20% to Defense.
  • -5% Unrest.
Silver Circle
  • Unlocks the Spirit Pool improvement, which creates a Water Shard within 3 tiles of the city in which it is built, and also boosts defending units dodge.
  • Unlocks the Acolyte unit (replaces the Disciple).
  • -5% to Gold production and Growth, and cannot build Consulates


Queen Myrthani
Profession: Summoner
  • +2 level for Summons
  • +3 Summon Pool
  • Water 1
  • Water 2
  • Air 1
Equipment: Ice Staff

Myrthani is a private leader, rarely cruel but insistent upon enforcing laws. The death of her father, some say, left her a melancholy temperament. Her rule, however, does not seem weighed down by any torment. She refuses to take any husband, and will give no plan of succession. But some insist that she regularly takes on new male lovers, and has many children hidden about the country, who she sees and mentors in turn.


Sovereign Bond
  • Grants the ability to summon a familiar that can cast all the spells you can
  • -2 Attack