Allegiance: Empire
Capital: Phiasra
Bloodline: Morquai
  • +1 Counterattack
  • +10 Dodge when Defending
  • Quick Strike- Unit strikes the target with an attack that deals 50% of the attacker's normal damage, then immediately takes another action
Unique Items: Khopesh

The Morquai are an accomplished people ruled by an autocratic noble class. Prior to the cataclysm, the Empire was experiencing a golden age - but the nobles are threatened by the current Empress Ritheria. Coming to power in questionable circumstance, she has grand designs for the future of the Morquai she keeps dearly secret.

Faction Traits

Seat Of Power
  • This factions Tower of Dominion provides an additional +2 Growth, +1 Zone of Control, +1 Essence, -10% Unrest, and an extra unit of City Defenders and Archers.
  • This faction starts with the Manipulation technology which allows them to use the Underhand Deal treaty to increase revenue, and to trade Fame as a commodity.
  • Unlocks Insurrection, a spell which increases unrest in an enemy city (costs gold to cast).
Assassin's Tools
  • Unlocks the Poison Vial accessory (which adds poison damage to the wielder's attack) as well as the Skath Claw (a Broadsword with higher attack and initiative) and the Scimitar (a Longsword with the backswing ability).
Serpent Court
  • Cleric line of improvements provide a Black Naja.
  • Unlocks the Hall of the Naja and Serpent Sanctorium improvements (special Temple improvements unique to the Serpent Court).
  • Unlocks Serpent's Persuasion, a spell that charms an enemy trained unit in friendly territory.
  • Unlocks Snake Plague, a spell that causes Unrest and reduces population in a target enemy city.
  • Unlocks the Initiate unit (replaces the Disciple).
  • -5% to Unrest.
  • -5% to Research.
  • -5% to Growth.
  • -1 Fame every 10 Seasons.


Empress Ritheria
Profession: Diplomat
  • +30% value of trades
  • Unlocks the Silver Tongue ability
  • Water 1
  • Earth 1
Equipment: War Staff

Ritheria is a beautiful woman, and a trusted statesman. Her people are loyal, and those countries that ally with her will have only peace in their futures. That is what many come to think, at least, after just one meeting with Ritheria. But those who have watched from afar know differently. Any sovereign who would remain independant would be wise to look deeper, below Ritheria's beauty, to the cunning serpent beneath.


  • +400 Starting Gildar
  • Double value when selling in shops
  • +25 Starting Fame
  • +1 Fame every 10 Seasons