Allegiance: Kingdom
Capital: Baerigon
Bloodline: Otaran
  • +10 Accuracy
  • Brace- Unit goes into defensive stance and gains +10 Defense and Spell Resistance and cannot be knocked prone until their next turn
Unique Items: Hardened Short Sword & Hardened Longsword

The people of Otaran are not known as warriors. They are skilled craftsmen and a studied people, believing in logic and reason, and that power comes though knowledge and understanding. By their knowledge, the Otaran mastered the lost arts of alchemy and golem craft. Should the war in Elemental arrive in Otaran, its scholars shall be ready to defend themselves.

Faction Traits

Great Hammers
  • Unlocks the War Club, which has a higher attack against Men and Fallen, the Battle Hammer, which has a higher attack than a Warhammer, and the Sledge, a Maul with higher attack.
Golem Crafters
  • This faction can train Sand, Stone, Crystal, Obsidian and War Golems in their cities.
  • The faction receives gildar revenue from the Alchemy line of Improvements, as well as 50% reduction in labour cost for their construction.
  • Unlocks Hellfire Bombs and the Grenadier unit.
  • Unlocks Potion of Vigour.
  • Unlocks Alchemy, a spell that converts 100 mana into 100 gildar.
Fortified Conclaves
  • Faction can build Walls, Training Yard, Barracks, Forge and Catapult Tower improvements in Conclaves.
No Ranged Weapons
  • This faction's armies cant use ranged weapons like bows and magical staves. Champions are still able to use the ranged weapons they find.


Master Togeran
Profession: Scholar
  • +20% Research
  • Fire 1
  • Water 1
Equipment: Warhammer

Togeran is no warrior. Many have estimated this as weakness, as lost their lives. He is a scholar and a tinker, but one knows the place of battle in the machinery of the world. He uses his insights into chemistry, mechanics, and composition to equip his warriors and deploy his armies effectively. Only might combined with wisdom can be relied upon to stop his reign.


  • +1 to the Army's Initiative
  • +1 Accuracy and Spell Resistance per Level