Allegiance: Kingdom
Capital: Drakinon
Bloodline: Raktur
  • +2 Attack vs Elementals
  • This unit can equip an additional accessory
  • Candescent Fate- Inflicts 10 fire damage, multiplied by the number of times the casting unit has suffered melee damage, half if resisted
Unique Items: Scorching Blade

The people of Raktur can trace their bloodline back to the time of the Magi. The origin of their affinity with fire however, is uncertain. Some say they are descended from the Magi themselves, other that it is an old hint of dragon in their blood. Now, after the cataclysm, the Raktur hope to recover the secrets of their birthright in flame.

Faction Traits

  • Faction starts with the Shard Harvesting technology, which allows them to construct Shard Altars.
  • The player starts with an additional 40 Mana.
  • +10% bonus to Mana production.
Fire Adepts
  • This faction gains an additional +1 Mana, and Burning Wraiths from Fire Shard shrines.
  • +1 Bonus level for all Fire magic summons.
  • Unlocks Tome of the Inferno which allow the reader to learn Fire magic.
Ancient Studies
  • 50% reduction in labour cost for the Sage, Cloister, Library and Great Archive improvements.
  • Ancient Temple (built on temple ruins) provides +1 Fame per season and double the normal Research bonus.
  • Construction of a Library, Great Archive or Ancient Temple improvement spawns a quest nearby.
  • All units have a +5% chance to find better items from goodie huts.
Path of Fire and Flame
  • Unlocks the Sacred Flame improvement, which creates a Fire Shard within 3 tiles of the city in which it is built, and also boosts defending units fire attack.
  • Unlocks the Acolyte unit (replaces the Disciple).


Profession: Warlock
  • This unit's spells do 25% more damage
  • Fire 1
  • Fire 2
  • Air 1
Equipment: Rusty Short Sword

Orrigor was transformed by the vengeful sprit of the volcano, Orrimoros. None have witnessed any burns upon his body, but it is said that he lives with the constant pain of one burned head to toe. Regardless of the truth of his past, he is now a mighty manipulator of flame and powerful channeler.


  • +10% Experience
  • +2 Spell Mastery per level
  • +2 Mana per Season