Allegiance: Kingdom
Capital: Havencrest
Bloodline: Siirdi
  • +2 Attack vs opponents of the opposite race (fallen vs men)
  • Battle Prayer- Provides 25% resistance to spells and all forms of damage for 3 turns
Unique Items: Cavalry Hammer & Heavy Cavalry Hammer

All kingdoms long for peace and prosperity that in these times seem an impossibility, but it is the Siirdi who believe it is their destiny. Descended from the great nation of Sirionne, these people seek to re-establish the Holy Kingdom because it is faith in the Light that will once again unite the races of men.

Faction Traits

Horse Lords
  • Unlocks Horse Market improvement (produce Horses).
  • Stables (built on Wild Horse resources) grant +1 Material in the nearest city.
Border Houses
  • Unlocks the Border House outpost upgrade, which increases the attack, defense and movement of friendly units in the outpost's borders, and provides a free unit of Border Guard.
Church of the Dawn Temple
  • Unlocks Divine Crusade (Kingdom) or Infernal Crusade (Empire), world spells that boost all units movement, initiative and resilience.
  • -5% Unrest.
  • +10% bonus to the amount of healing done by spells.
  • Unlocks the Templar unit (a Disciple that can wear armor) replacing the Disciple.


Dame Geneveye
Profession: Adventurer
  • +10 Fame from completing Quests
  • Life 1
  • Life 2
  • Battle 1
Equipment: Rusty Short Sword

Few among the Serionne feel comfortable speaking to Geneveye - some whisper she is mad, and when not in battle, she speaks incomprehensible utterances, and has even killed men who tried to become her lovers. What is known to be true is that she is a leader of almost supernatural skill and effectiveness in battle. She is said to enter a kind of trance, that makes her lucid and effective in ordering men to win near-hopeless battles.


  • +2 Faith per Season