Allegiance: Empire
Capital: Crovan
Bloodline: Sholdari
  • +10 Dodge
  • +1 Initiative
  • -1 Hit Point per Level
  • Coruscation- Inflicts 2 lightning damage (multiplied by number of casting units) and blinds an adjacent target enemy for 3 turns if they fail to resist
Unique Items: Blood Spear

When the Nothari people were almost destroyed during the cataclysm, not all survivors followed Myrthani to search for a new home. A faithless lot chose the underground as their new home. In these dark tunnels their faith in shadows was rewarded, and the Sholdari were born.

Faction Traits

Dual Blades
  • Unlocks dual wield Dagger, Shortsword, Scimitar and Ice Scimitar.
Master Assassins
  • Unlocks Assassinate, a spell that targets an enemy champion on the strategic map causing 0, 50% or 100% hit points damage at random.
  • Unlocks the Guild Assassin, a unit that can utilise a number of special attacks in combat.
Tower of Arcana
  • Unlocks the Tower of Arcana, a unique improvement that generates Arcana which can be used to cast strategic spells (requires Rituals technology). It also increases the city Essence yield, and spawns a Mage unit to help defend the city when attacked.
  • Unlocks Arcane Outpost, a spell which places an outpost (requires Arcana to cast).
  • Unlocks Arcane Riftwalk, a spell which teleports the caster, and their army, to a tile in friendly territory (requires Arcana to cast).
  • Unlocks Arcane Tempest, a spell which inflicts lightning damage on an enemy army in friendly territory (requires Arcana to cast).
  • All units get +10% Initiative.
Cult of a Hundred Eyes
  • This faction can train Widows, Harridans and Hoarder spiders in their cities.
  • Unlocks Ravenous Harridan and Blood Harridan mounts, and the Harridan Den improvement which produces Harridan.
  • Does not use Horse mounts, instead Stables provide an additional source of food for Harridan, increasing faction Harridan production.
  • Unlocks the Cultist unit (replaces the Disciple).
  • -10% to Gildar.
  • -1 Fame every 10 Seasons.


Profession: Hunter
  • +50% Attack vs Beasts
  • Shadow 1
  • Air 1
Equipment: Crude Shortbow, Tear of Cyndrum

Hol-Drasu is a master of deception, attacking unseen or hiding his strengths until his enemies reveal their weaknesses. His knowledge of anatomy, men and Fallen alike, makes him a lethal killer. Deadliest of all, however, is his patience. Like a spider he can wait, still and calm, until his prey at last falters and becomes prone. Then he strikes with supernatural speed, ensuring final and complete victory over his foes.


  • +1 Accuracy and Spell Resistance per Level