Allegiance: Empire
Capital: Ubhoth
Bloodline: Thuhl
  • +1 Hit Point per Level
  • +2 Attack and -1 Defense each time this unit damages an opponent with a melee attack
  • Male Thuhl are +2 Defense
  • Female Thuhl are +5 Dodge, but cannot wear armor heavier than leather (female champions are still able to use armor they find)
  • -1 Initiative
  • Ram- an attack that inflicts half normal damage, pushes the target back 1 tile and knocks them prone
Unique Items: Hooked Sword

Of all the Fallen it is the beastmen of Thuhl that epitomize the ethos of the Empires: the strong rule, the weak suffer. They are cruel and savage, killing themselves as often as other races. But now, under the dominance of the warlord Bhargol, the united Thuhl tribes may rule all of Elemental.

Faction Traits

  • All units get +10% Hit Points.
  • May pass through Hills terrain without any penalty.
Slave Lord
  • Razing a city transfers half that city's population to your capital. When men or fallen are defeated in combat they are transferred as population to your nearest city.
  • Unlocks the Labor Camp improvement which increases production in the city.
Beasts of War
  • Unlocks War Boar mounts, and the Boar Yard improvement which produces War Boars.
  • Does not use Horse mounts, instead Stables provide an additional source of Food.
  • This faction gains a Taurgol from Beast Altars.
Urgyrul Cabal
  • Unlocks Rage of Urgyrul, a spell that grants +1 Move and +50% Maul chance to target champions army.
  • Unlocks Reavers Pact, a spell that grants all Bloodline units +3 Initiative on the first turn of combat and heals 12 hit points when killing a unit in tactical battle.
  • Unlocks Rise of the Beast, a spell that provides +2 faction Beast Power, and +15% Growth in all your cities.
  • Blocks access to the spells Holy War, Luminous Perception (Kingdom), Baleful Surge (Empire), Sanguine Wish (Empire), Malevolent Endeavor (Empire).
  • Unlocks the Cabalist unit (replaces the Disciple).
  • -5% to Research.
  • +5% to Unrest.


Bhargol Thuhl
Profession: Warlord
  • -50% to unit Wages
  • Earth 1
  • Beast 1
Equipment: Axe

Even a Trog would feel fear, if he saw Bhargol Thuhl charging at him with an axe. Bhargol is huge, his frame corded with strong muscle and armored by a thick hide. His horns and teeth are nearly as effective as a sword in his tense grip. The Thuhl beastmen are savage and chaotic, but under Bhargol's leadership they have become a terrible horde that could overwhelm any fortification.


  • +3 Attack
  • +1 Hit Point per Level
  • Immune to poison
Thick Skin
  • +3 Defense
  • +1 to Attack
  • +5 Unrest in all cities