Allegiance: Kingdom
Capital: Erellon
Bloodline: Urns
  • +2 Attack vs Beasts
  • +5 Dodge
  • +50% Poison Resistance
  • Invigorate- Heals the caster a random amount up to double the casters level
Unique Items: Redwood Staff

The people of Urns have always had a close affinity to nature, preferring open fields and woodland groves to city streets. And now after the cataclysm the Urns elders hear the lament of those few surviving trees. As these fledgling forests struggle to recover from Cataclysm, the guardians of Urns will ensure any who threaten the trees die swiftly.

Faction Traits

  • Grants access to a unique set of bows that don't require metal and have a higher initiative and attack than the bows they replace. Additionally, the Ram's Horn Longbow ignores 50% of the victim's defense.
  • Unlocks the Sindarian Staff, which gives additional Dodge, and the Leht Staff, which fires lightning.
  • Unlocks the Scrying Pool improvement which gives the city an extra Essence.
  • All units have +25% to Dodge and +25% to Accuracy.
Way of Oak and Leaf
  • May pass through Forest terrain without any penalty.
  • Unlocks the Tree Shrine improvement, which reduces Unrest and creates a Forest Grove near the city in which it is built.
  • Unlocks Construct Menhir, a spell which places a Menhir on the map (extends your Zone of Control, and boosts spell resistance of friendly units in Zone of Control).
  • Unlocks the Stone Circle outpost upgrade, which produces mana, and increases health regeneration of friendly units in the outpost's borders (may not build any other outpost upgrades).
  • This faction can build Treekin Home improvements on Treekin Grove resources allowing them to recruit Treekin Giants, and the Sprite Camp improvement on Mushroom Grove resources allowing them to recruit Sprites.
  • May not build Logging Camps, Lumber Yard or Timber Mills.
  • Unlocks Druidic Meditation, a spell that produces +1 Mana per Grain in the enchanted city.
  • Unlocks Natures Blessing, a spell that provides +20 Food per Grain and -10% Unrest in all your cities.
  • Unlocks Protection of Hurnol, a spell that grants all faction units +20% Defense and +20% Magic Resistance, and disciple units +5 health regeneration per turn in tactical battle.
  • Unlocks the Druid unit (replaces Disciple).
No Armor
  • This faction can't craft any armor beyond Leather. Champions are still able to use armor they find.


Raesurlloss the Druid
Profession: Beastlord
  • Can take control of enemy beasts
  • Nature 1
  • Nature 2
  • Beast 1
Equipment: Redwood Staff

An eccentric man, that barely speaks beyond mumbles, Raesurloss is easily confused for a mad old man. Yet those who tend to him know that in his ramblings there is great wisdom, and none can match his leadership. Nature itself bows to his command, and those who underestimate him as a mad old fool may find themselves dead below the boughs of old trees, while the old leaves laugh silently.


  • +10% Experience
  • +2 Spell Mastery per level
  • Occasionally strikes allies when making melee attacks