Allegiance: Empire
Capital: Ta-Xanion
Bloodline: Xaroch
  • +5 to the Army's Spell Resistance
  • +1 Dodge per Level
  • -1 Hit Point per Level
  • Mental Blast- a ranged attack that applies a random effect to target enemy unit unless they resist
Unique Items: Synergy Belt

The Xaroch are a new people, their origins a mystery having only appeared on Elemental following the cataclysm. They are intelligent and patient, living longer lifespan than the other races. This longevity and a natural affinity with the arcane also breeds an unhealthy arrogance and distaste towards the other races, particularly the obnoxious and unpredictable races of men.

Faction Traits

  • Unlocks Wizards Eye, a spell which summons a Wizard Eye scout unit anywhere on the strategic map.
  • Unlocks the Wizards Tower which grants +5 Spell Mastery and Spell Resistance for Trained Units, +1 Essense in the city, and auto summons a defending Mage unit when the city is attacked. A Wizards Tower can only be built in Conclaves.
  • Workshop, Mason, Mill, Labor Guild and Slave Pen improvements produce +1 Production per Essence in the city.
  • Unlocks the Staff Mastery unit design trait (+3 Initiative when using a ranged staff).
  • Unlocks spells that allow Champions to aquire (Adept level) proficiency in new spell schools.
Shrill Crafters
  • This faction can train Air, Earth, Fire and Water Shrill in their cities.
  • Faction starts with the Knowledge technology, which allows them to build Studies. They also receive a +10% to research.
The Weaving
  • Unlocks Weaving, a spell that converts 150 Faith to 75 Mana (requires Arcance Mastery tech).
  • Blocks access to the spells Holy War, Luminous Perception (Kingdom), Baleful Surge (Empire), Sanguine Wish (Empire), Malevolent Endeavor (Empire).
  • Unlocks the Magus unit (replaces the Disciple).
  • Priest and Magus spells require Mana to cast rather than Faith.
Rare Species
  • -10% Growth.


Profession: Warlock
  • This unit's spells do 25% more damage
  • Air 1
  • Water 1
  • Battle 1
Equipment: War Staff

Zychera is seen as the fairest of all her people, though other races tend to see her differently. Those who treat with her would be wise to indulge her self-assessment of beauty, lest they wish for war with Zychera, queen of magics.


  • +10% Experience
  • +2 Spell Mastery per level
  • -2 Attack