This mod runs 99% from the Mod folder, unfortunately due to a shortcoming of the way the FE:LH handles things, there is a step for copying a file to the Core folder. Don't worry it won't cause any problems and is easily removed.

Install Steps:

1) Extract all the folders to your LegendaryHeroes Mods folder, normally Documents/My Games/LegendaryHeroes/Mods.

After the zip has been extracted you should have the following:

  • a folder Demons and Wizards under Mods
  • a folder A_LHLIB_UnitStat_BG_vL under Mods
  • a folder Demons and Wizards Gfx under Mods\Gfx
  • a file called elemental.str under Mods\Data
  • 2 files readme_demonsandwizards.txt and JB_DemonsWizards_Core.xml under Mods

2) Move the file JB_DemonsWizards_Core.xml (should be in Documents/My Games/LegendaryHeroes/Mods) to your Legendary Heroes\data\English folder.

  • Make sure you move the file, i.e. don't leave a copy in your Mods folder
  • The target folder will have a location like C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FE Legendary Heroes\data\English depending on where you have your steam game files located.

3) Make sure that you turn on "Use Mods" in the in-game Options menu

Note that if you have a previous version of Demons and Wizards installed, it is highly recommended you uninstall it first.

Uninstall Steps:

1) Remove the folder Demons and Wizards from your LegendaryHeroes Mods folder
2) Remove the folder Demons and Wizards Gfx from your LegendaryHeroes Mods\Gfx folder
3) Remove the file JB_DemonsWizards_Core.xml from your FE:LH Core folder


If you've got installation problems, questions, feedback etc post to the Demons and Wizards forum thread at

Known Issues

  • A number of spells are listed multiple times in the Hiergamenon spell section (with different mana costs etc). This is because several spells have many different versions that have different ability requirement to unlock them. Unfortunately a by-product of this is that the spells are listed multiple times in the Hiergamenon.
  • The Summoner profession states that it unlocks the Summon Shadow Warg spell, however it does not (this is intentional I just haven't figured out a way to fix the description).
  • Note the mana discount on strategic summons that you get from the Path of the Summoner and the Conjurer abilities is a refund you get when the summons spell is completed. So you have to pay the full mana casting cost to get the spell started, then when it completes you will get a percentage of the mana back. This was the easiest way to implement a mana discount for strategic summons given that there is no easy way to have a variable casting cost in LH.