As well as the introduction of the Summoner, this mod includes major changes to the Mage class.

All the summoning spells abilities are removed - although (like all classes) a Mage can still access some summoning spells. In addition the "mancy" abilities - hydromancy, geomancy etc are also removed. In their place are 2 new abilities (Ancient Incantations and Arcane Arsenal) that unlock spells depending on what base base spellbooks your champion has. For example Gentle Rain now requires Water1 and the Ancient Incantations abilities (rather than Hyrdromancy). This means Gentle Rain can only be unlocked by champions that have the Water spell school. There is a similar approach for some other abilities in the Mage tree, you can unlock new spells via various abilities - but the exact spells unlocked depends on the base schooled (Air1, Earth1 etc) that your champion already has. You can always just hover the mouse over any of the purple abilities in the Path tree screens to see which spells will be unlocked by an ability.

There are a number of new abilities added that allow the Mage to specialize in evocation, abjuration or enchantments.

Changes to the Rituals Tech (Anointed by Fire etc)

The Rituals technology no longer unlocks the spells Anointed by Fire, Blessing of Restoration and Defiled Benediction. These spells (as well as 3 new similar spells for Air, Earth and Water schools) can be unlocked via the Enchantment Mastery ability in the Mage path. The spells unlocked by this ability depends on the champions base schools. For example if the champion has Fire1 and Earth1 the Enchantment Mastery ability will unlock Anointed by Fire and Earthen Embrace (new spell that allows the target to be able to cast Shockwave). Note that these Enchantment Mastery spells are Sovereign only (so won't show up for anyone other than your Sov) and you can only have 1 of each active at a time. You can cancel them at any time and recast on a new target like other enchantment spells.