This mod includes 4 new spell schools - Nature (Kingdom only), Shadow (Empire only), Battle and Beasts. These spell schools behave as per the default elemental spellbooks, i.e. you can select them as starting books for a custom soveriegn (scroll down in the Attributes window to see the new books, they will appear below Water).

Note that when you are in the General Traits screen for champions (for example when choosing a level up ability) you must scroll down to see the new spell books (if the champion has them). They will appear below where the Life/Death line of abilities normally appear.

There are 2 notable differences between the new spell schools and the default ones:

  • Henchmen can't learn spells from the new schools
  • There are no corresponding shards (though see below)

Although there are no shards for these new schools, there are special locations (resource types) where you can build an altar of the appropriate type to generate power (similar to Air power, Fire power etc). Each altar will generate +1 power of the appropriate type (which grants bonuses to some spells and bonus levels to summons) and +1 mana. These altars can be upgraded to Shrines for an additional bonus (see below).

The resource types for the new schools are as follows:

Resource Type Altar Improvement Shrine Improvement
Scenic View +1 Nature power, +1 Mana 0.5 Fame per turn
Cavern of Shadows +1 Shadow power, +1 Mana Provides 2 units of Nightwings
Battlefield of Legend +1 Battle power, +1 Mana +5% Experience bonus for all units
Herdstone +1 Beasts power, +1 Mana +3% Hit points bonus for all units

Note that to build an Altar on these resources requires the Shard Harvesting technology. Shrines require the Immortal Codex tech.