This mod introduces a new Path for champions - the Summoner. In addition it introduces changes to the way summoning works:

  • Most summoning spells are now stackable (you can summon multiple units of the same type)
  • All champions can use summoning spells regardless of path (so long as they have a spell book)
  • A new resource type is introduced (the Summoning Pool) that limits the number of units summoned at any time.

In addition to introducing the Path of the Summoner, this mod also makes significant changes to the Path of the Mage. The Mage and Summoner paths now provide 2 distinct options for spellcasting specialised champions. The Summoner specialises in tactical and strategic summons, where as the Mage specialises in other areas - enchantments, evocations and other spells. They can both summon, but the Summoner is much better at it. The Mage is better as most other things and can access some spells that the Summoner can not.

Summoning Spells

Most strategic summoning spells are now stackable. In addition, they have a cooldown - longer for more powerful summons. A champion with the Path of the Summoner can reduce their casting time for strategic summons with the Summoning Savant abilities.

Most tactical summoning spells have a cooldown - generally longer for more powerful summons. A champion with the Path of the Summoner can decrease the cooldown time with the Summoning Savant abilities. Tactical summons also generally have a default range of 3. The Projection ability in the Summoner path increases this to unlimited range.

Each spellbook level (eg. Fire1, Fire2) unlocks a new summons of increasing strength. In addition certain abilities unlock further summons in the Path of the Summoner. There are also abilities that provide summons of grouped units. Just mouse over the various abilities to see the spells that are provided. Note that the level 4 and 5 summons (eg. Fire Elemental from Fire4) cannot have any grouped units unlocked.

Generally, higher level and more powerful summons cost more mana to cast, and have a higher drain on the Summon Pool (see the section on Summoning Pool) to sustain the summons at the strategic level.

Summoning Pool

The Summoning Pool is a new global resource that limits the number of active summons you may have at one time. Summoning spells have an upfront and ongoing (maintenance) Summoning Pool requirement. For example a level 1 summons (such as Summon Fire Shrill) requires 1 Summon Pool to cost and then 1 Summon Pool per turn to maintain. The Summon Pool requirement for each summons is displayed along with the mana cost in game. Note this applies only for strategic summons - tactical summoning does not require any Summoning Pool.

The Summon Pool can be increased in a number of ways:

  • Each Spellbook level a champion has produces 1 Summon Pool. So if your starting Sov has Life2 and Water1, they will provide 3 Summon Pool per turn. The Summon Pool is a global resource (similar to mana), so all champions with spellbooks contribute to the global Summon Pool even if they aren't the one casting summons spells and even if they don't have the Summoner path.
  • The Path of the Summoner provides +3 Summon Pool. In addition there are several abilities in the path that provide further bonuses to the Summon Pool.
  • The new strategic spell Channeling provides +1 Summon Pool per Essence in the target city.
  • The Summoner starting Sovereign profession provides +3 Summon Pool.

Strategic summons require Summon Pool to cast and maintain, thus providing a limit on the number of summoned units you can sustain at any time.

Selecting the Path of the Summoner

The new Path of the Summoner can be selected on the level 2 level up screen like any other path. Note that the default level up screen only shows 5 paths, so to access the Summoner path you have to scroll down with the mouse wheel.

If you don't want to scroll on the path selection screen, I highly recommend the TraitPathChoiceWnd mod by Primal Savage which will widen the screen so that it fits up to 10 paths.


Henchmen (unlocked via Altarian Blood) can choose the Path of the Summoner like any other path, although they do not get the +1 Summon Pool per base spellbook - i.e. the Air Adept, Earth Adept etc unit design abilities do not generate any Summon Pool resource.

Miscellaneous Mechanics Details

Cooldown time for strategic summons spells is equal to the Power Level (see reference chart at end of this guide). Cooldown time for tactical summons is Power Level + 2. Cooldowns can be reduced via the Summoning Savant abilities in the Path of the Summoner.

Group summons spells (Party, Group or Squad) mana and Summon Pool costs are a multiple of the cost for a single unit as follows:

Unit Size Summon Pool and Mana Casting Multiplier
Party x2
Group x3
Squad x4

Mana maintenance for grouped summons is 1 mana per turn regardless of group size (as opposed to 0.5 mana per turn for single units).

Horde summons are tactical only and cost 4 x mana cost of a single unit summons.

Known Issues and Other Information

A number of spells are listed multiple times in the Hiergamenon spell section (with different mana costs etc). This is because several spells have many different versions that have different ability requirement to unlock them. Unfortunately a by-product of this is that the spells are listed multiple times in the Hiergamenon.

Note the mana discount on strategic summons that you get from the Path of the Summoner and the Conjurer abilities is a refund you get when the summons spell is completed. So you have to pay the full mana casting cost to get the spell started, then when it completes you will get a percentage of the mana back. This was the easiest way to implement a mana discount for strategic summons given that there is no easy way to have a variable casting cost in LH.

The Summoner profession sates that it unlocks the Summon Shadow Warg spell, however it does not (this is intentional I just haven't figured out a way to fix the description).